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Motivation - The gender chart Really?

Motivation - The facts Really?

Motivation is a hot topic provided most folks remember. Some define motivation like a drive or possibly a desire. Others define motivation since they work they do. To me, motivation is neither. Motivation is, the truth is, the force that is certainly "underneath" the drive, desire and work. It's this "energy" that affects the grade of one's motivation, one's motives, as well as the expertise of the action-result dynamic that is a result of motivation. More than that, this energy called motivation comes from the amount an example may be living an existence "on purpose" and the degree which one is in alignment with one's true and real self, the very center. best inspiring and motivational quotes

For me personally, motivation is an actual physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual energy. This energy can be described on one end of a continuum as positive, juicy, strong, energetic, adventurous, exciting, playful, healing, etc., and on another end as stagnant, blocked, stale, stagnant, depressed, negative, killing, etc.

Motivation is often a mind-body dynamic, mostly body-oriented. In my opinion, few would say "I think I'm motivated." Rather, Which i hear: "I feel motivated," or even the converse, "I don't feel very motivated."

Additionally, the expressions "fire within the belly", "His/her heart's not in it.", "gut check", and "the thoughts are willing though the flesh is weak", and also a number of other expressions that center around the belly area (the "energy center" with the body in Eastern traditions), also indicate the body because the focus of motivation (rather than the mind), the midst of this energy that drives someone to actions and supports one to conserve a condition of motivation. Motivation, for me, is a "felt sense".

So, personally, everybody is motivated....perhaps hardly in terms another would love that particular to become, possibly a way we would choose our self to be.


While i choose to browse the net, as opposed to centering on the task taking place, I'm motivated.

Once i opt to see employees as functions, rather than people, I'm motivated.

While i elect to gossip, bully and turn into sarcastic during my speech rather than speaking respectfully, lovingly and compassionately, I'm motivated.

When I decide to go cheap and permit greed they are driving my company behaviors and processes, instead of follow a moral path, I'm motivated.

After i elect to view conflict and negotiation as win-lose as opposed to win-win, I'm motivated.

When I elect to cheat in my taxes and my diet, I'm motivated.

When I take my paycheck and only give 75% of my self to my work, instead of arriving 100%, I'm motivated.

Once i opt to lie, cheat and steal rather than from the place of honesty, integrity and trust, I'm motivated.

After i choose to act like a psychological child as opposed to manifest emotionally intelligence, I'm motivated.

When I allow my ego to get in the way, and engage in self-defeating behavior, as opposed to coming from my real and authentic self, I'm motivated.

While i opt to numb outside in front with the TV, as opposed to enthusiastically diving into my tasks, I'm motivated.

Once i choose to come with an affair instead of working on my relationship, I'm motivated.

While i choose to hate, as opposed to love, I'm motivated.

So, most people are motivated.

Again, personally, the offer will be the quality of the energy of the motivation and, even more, what's "underneath" the standard of that energy.

For me, what drives the caliber of the force I refer to as motivation is: purpose.

To me, purpose is heart-driven, as opposed to being mental-mind-ego driven. Purpose is what gives meaning to our existence. So, again, for me personally, motivation is about purpose, and meaning. The gap in purpose as heart driven, and purpose as ego-driven 's what determines where folks live, figuratively and literally, within the space between purpose and purposelessness, and meaning and meaninglessness at the office, both at home and playing.

In high of life, we alternate from action to result, action to result, action to result. Now you ask, "What drives my actions? What drives the motivation (energy) of my actions. The direction of one's life is generally judged with this dynamic and many also judge "success" based on this movement from action to result.

From the larger scheme of things, personally, the vitality and quality of the action-result dynamic and the energy and quality in which one pertains to "success" is about whether you are living your life "on purpose" and from which one's purpose emanates (ego or heart).

With me, for those at work, at home and playing, the degree of "pain and suffering" (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, financial, etc.) one experiences will depend on the degree this agreement one is living out one's purpose.

So, then, for me, directly related to purpose 's what we value...what it's we deem important and the degree that we assign worth and "value" as to what we value.

Okazaki, japan possess a decision-making process they refer to as "The Five Whys". Essentially, when one has to make up your mind, one asks "Why", and to that response, again asks "Why?" more...the concept since if an individual can burrow five levels, the other could be fairly certain your decision has merit, i.e., a good grounding and foundation and isn't, for better words, an emotional, knee-jerk or gut decision.

So, regarding values, once i help folks on values, motives, etc., we ask "Why?" 5 times. To put it differently, "What does (that value, that action, that call, etc.) "get" you?" Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

At the start of the task, the the desired info is often insightful...and in most cases bring anyone to a conscious self-awareness about what's really, really, really, underneath their thoughts, actions and activities, i.e., their motives.

Generally it's unconscious ego needs, by way of example, for control, recognition, and security.

It's when we take this initial have a look at values that folks then arrive at the "heart" from the matter and transfer to the entire process of discovering their (heart-felt) purpose and then visit see often vast differences between their heart-felt purpose and what has been, currently, an ego-driven desire they "thought" was their intention.

The underlying, and source, questions that ultimately define our motives, then, is "What do I value?" And, then, even more importantly, "From where should i get my values?" And, finally, "Do my values bring me a better inner peace, harmony, and a feeling of well-being, in comparison with do suffering and pain?"

Since this process continues, folks start to view and approach life with a difference lens; as well as their internal map of reality starts to change. This change manifests in that they begin to view their world of work (home and play), what's essential to their happiness and a feeling of well-being.

So, as folks take this conscious journey into exploring their reason, their values, along with their purpose, they often times discover there exists a vast difference between "striving" and "struggling" as they explore their past and current notions of "motivation" and, relatedly, purpose and concise explaination work, of life, etc. They generally show up using a new-found "energy" that is certainly positive, juicy, willing, engaging, adventurous, curious, etc.

Assuredly, individuals that consciously undertake the requisite deeper purpose and values work, will experience challenges, bumps within the road, hurdles to conquer, the good news is they do so using a feeling of striving, using a healthy positivity as well as energy that, yes, may require sweat, blood and tears, nevertheless the energy they expend in the quest for their values is positive, disciplined, willful, strong and courageous, exciting and adventurous. They may be internally and intrinsically "motivated" and sense an inner peace of their efforts. In this place, there's true purpose and true (not ego-driven) meaning to one's life.

On the other hand, those who find themselves "struggling", usually as a result of ego-driven desires and motives, from the "faux" purpose, seemingly are invariably fighting the great fight, often result from a place of resentment, anger, defiance, compliance, guilt, shame, anxiety, and a a feeling of plodding. They lack a sense adventure or excitement; often fail at positive self-management, often experience a "low-grade-fever" kind of malaise, sadness, depression, hopelessness, frustration, resentment, jealousy, etc. For the children, their purpose and also the meaning they effort to experience are often mis-guided, most often externally driven (even though they "think" it appears from other own independent thinking...never having taken enough time to look deeper inside and contemplate their so-called purpose). In fact, usually they're actually living another person's values (parents, friends, neighbors, reality TV characters...), i.e., somebody else's purpose and so it is no wonder they seldom experience true happiness in the the short- and long-term. best inspiring and motivational quotes

Post by best45inspiring (2016-10-23 12:21)

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